About The Alternative



Since The Alternative's inception in December 2011 we have been creating opportunities for individuals to come together from all walks of life and fellowship in a clean, multicultural atmosphere, outside the church's four walls.  The slogan is creating "The Alternative" to your normal routine.   


There are limited places in the Milwaukee area for Christians to gather and just hang out together without compromising their walk with Christ.  The Alternative is the answer to what some people have been seeking.


The Alternative desires to impact non-Christians by showing them that Christianity isn’t boring!  The Alternative strives to share Christ and to glorify God in every event.


God has given everyone gifts, talents and skills to share.  The Alternative allows people the opportunity to showcase their gifts and talents on a more regular basis.  We host fine arts open mics events allowing individuals to minister to others through dance, stepping, reciting spoken word and poetry, miming, singing and rapping.  We also offer opportunities for the entire family to serve the community through volunteer and service coordinated events. 


The Alternative also host game nights, a book club, women's night out events, and looks forward to hosting other events such as workshops, shopping trips, fashion shows, plays and much more!


Creating "The Alternative" to your normal routine.